How Executive Coaching Develops Your Leadership Practice

A senior coach who works with high level executives at Big Pharma companies in NY recently shared that she charges $18,000 for a six-month coaching assignment. Coaching Training for Managers is not just another item on a manager’s checklist. It’s an essential leadership tool that has far-reaching benefits, from improving team dynamics to driving organizational success. By integrating coaching principles into their leadership style, managers can create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and ready to achieve their best.

Leadership Coaching

Contrary to popular belief, great leaders are not naturally born with leadership skills. Instead, they are trained and molded throughout life to become a great leader. As a new manager, having a leadership coach has become a must to tap into your potential of becoming a great leader without the fear of overwhelm or giving up your home life. Just as importantly, if one of your employees has shown the potential of becoming a leader, it is in your best interest to hire a leadership coach for them as well. If you are looking for more guidance on how to become an exceptional coach that transforms people and build a successful coaching business, consider looking into the Rapid Transformational Therapy® training program. Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), is an alternative modality that can help diversify your existing coaching business or provide another option for your career path.

Who Can Benefit From Leadership Coaching?

To be clear, I’m not presenting myself as an authority on this topic. My sincere intention is to help as many coaches as possible value themselves appropriately, make a living coaching, and capture more of the value they create for others. My belief that I should be charging more comes from my experience of just how challenging it can be to make a living coaching. The reason I don’t recommend hourly pricing is because it trains your clients to believe that the value of your coaching lies in the time that you put in with them. Companies often Leadership coaching programs require the specific services of trainers, consultants and executive coaches to maximise their potential or adapt to internal and external changes and challenges in their environments. The role of an executive coach includes helping high-level leaders identify their internal obstacles with the corresponding skill gaps and learn how to manage, improve and overcome them. Likewise, leaders need to know how direct reports do their work and how to provide direction and leadership so that everybody involved can reach set goals and targets.

How to Improve Your Project Leadership with Coaching and Mentoring

Many coaches develop packages starting with their ‘signature program’. Ideally, this is the method or technique you use most often and that you find the most effective. There is a debate over whether or not you charge per hour or by the value you offer each client.

To ensure valid results, objective criteria or multi-source data should be used to evaluate coaching outcomes (Ely et al., 2010). To serve your clients best, you can add several new coaching skills to your toolkit. Techniques like open-ended questions and feedback delivery are examples of communication techniques; motivational techniques like visioning, self-esteem building, and goal setting are examples of motivational techniques. A coaching relationship establishes a motivating climate for performance by creating an ongoing approach to managing people.